Write for your readers

What’s the point of writing if nobody’s going to read it?

In these days of time-pressured information overload, your writing must be easy to read, look easy to read — and be as short as possible.

“Easy reading is damn hard writing,” said Maya Angelou, a legend among American writers.

Odds are, however, she didn’t say it quite so elegantly or succinctly the first time she had that thought.

She probably had to reread, rethink and rewrite it. A lot.

Good writing is rewriting. You must reread and rewrite if only to find your mistakes, but please don’t stop there.

Only geniuses can write perfect prose in one pass. The rest of us must rewrite if we want to be read.

Be readable

It’s not good enough to be easy to read. Your writing must also look easy to read. And it must be as short as possible.

Looking easy to read means short paragraphs and lots of subheads. Bullet points (where appropriate) can also make a document look and feel easier to read.

Even so, being easy to read and looking easy to read still isn’t enough. You can’t afford to waste words, lest your work gets written off as TLTR (too long to read).

A large part of the

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