Working Within Your Budget: Technology vs. Agency

We haven’t met one person who isn’t a fan of saving money. So, when it comes down to hiring for your business, why wouldn’t you want to put a few bucks back in your pocket? Well, with Jobble you can. Fortunately, we work with your budget to help you find an amazing team without emptying your pockets. You probably already have a sense of how staffing agencies work, take a look at how Jobble could be a solid alternative for your hiring needs.


Average cost of staffing Agency Costs. It’s rare to find a staffing agency that doesn’t charge fees for the work that they perform. For a typical hire, agencies demand anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of the employee’s hourly rate to secure the right candidate for the position. Jobble Costs. Posting a job is actually completely free. From medical staff all the way to warehouse staff, companies can post a job, get paired with a pool of rated applicants, and pay them all through a secured platform. And remember, we do NOT charge your card until the job is done!


Flexibility Agency Rigidity. On the surface, agencies can find the people that you can’t. However, during the

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