Worker Centricity and What it Means to Shiftgig

Shiftgig has been worker-centric from the start. I mean, how can you start a job board to provide workers access to jobs in their local area without being worker-first? We’ve always prioritized connecting workers with jobs they like, when and where they want them. 

Hyperfocused on Worker Centricity 

Self-service has always been the core of our vision for worker empowerment. We believe that when given choice and the ability to self-claim jobs they’re interested in, workers are more likely to show up and do a better job. When we were running our own staffing marketplace, we saw no-call, no-show rates of less than 1.5% because workers were able to claim three or more types of jobs which helped retain workers three times longer on the platform. Putting the power into the hands of the worker and giving them choice and flexibility can help solve your retention and engagement challenges. 

As we’ve evolved our business model, most notably when we divested our staffing business last spring, it was imperative we keep our focus on the workers who leverage our technology to connect with work they’re interested in on a daily basis. Just because we were no longer the direct employer of

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