Why your next contractor could be your newest source of innovation

The EY organization initially created the GigNow platform to improve the quality of contractor talent, reduce cycle times and enable a balanced workforce of employees and contract workers. Built in the EY Global Innovation Lab — a kind of incubator for our startup ideas — it harnessed analytics to connect job requirements to individual skill sets, and enabled EY teams to tap into a global pool of high-quality contractors, while significantly improving the user experience for all stakeholders.  

By the end of last fiscal year, GigNow was systematically transforming how the company managed contingent talent. GigNow is now live in more than 40+ countries and rapidly expanding deployments across the globe, with a talent pool of 45,000 contractors that is growing daily. GigNow has also reduced the cycle time of contractor hiring by over 60%, allowing EY teams to respond quickly to client needs and new opportunities. The GigNow “direct sourcing” approach has saved the EY organization more than $100 million, generated revenues of over $12 million and achieved 100% year-over-year growth in all key metrics.

But as GigNow evolves, its potential is becoming clearer. Its uses go far beyond traditional efficiency measures. In fact, GigNow has inspired

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