Why freelancers should learn to love automation

Automation is one of the hot fields in the business world right now, and marketing automation in particular is taking the marketing world by storm.

You might see term “automation” and think Skynet is coming for your job. But there’s no reason to be concerned! Automation will not replace us freelancers. In fact, it’s going to make our jobs better than ever before and provide new opportunities for freelancers to provide valuable services.

Thoughtful implementation of automation allows marketers to:

Build relationships and engage on a personal level with clients in an infinitely scalable way.

● Focus on the tasks only the human mind can handle, like strategy, detailed analysis, and content creation, by taking care of repeatable and rules-based tasks.

● Collect data and apply detailed analytics to provide insights to marketing teams, enabling hyperpersonalization of marketing efforts in unprecedented ways.

Marketing automation has enormous potential, but it takes knowledge and experience to implement. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to plug in — every organization has its own needs. This means there’s an opportunity for independent consultants and specialists to step in and guide businesses in establishing their automation processes, or even manage those processes in an ongoing manner.

You may already have the skills

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