Why freelance writers (really) need liability insurance

If you can’t seem to shake that nagging thought about needing to get liability insurance, it’s for good reason. However, for many freelance writers, being uninsured has traditionally had more to do with the challenge of finding a provider that actually offers professional liability coverage that meets the needs of independent writers, less with them taking a bury-your-head-in-the-sand approach to risk. Here’s the good news — writers can now finally get covered with professional liability insurance tailored specifically for freelance writers. But if you’re not sure you need coverage in the first place, here are some important things to consider. (Spoiler: you should really consider getting coverage.)

You face serious — and alarmingly expensive — risks as a freelance writer.

· Libel and slander

· Defamation

· Copyright infringement

· Errors and omissions

No writer wants to touch these claims with a 10-foot pole. But no matter how expert you are, these risks come with the territory for writers and carry a hefty price tag to defend, even if you’re not at fault. Legal fees alone can quickly escalate to tens of thousands of dollars (not something you’ll want to skimp on with your reputation on the line). Plus, if you are found liable, you will

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