Why 3PL’s Are Embracing the Gig Economy

In just a few years, companies like Uber and Airbnb have leveraged the benefits of the gig economy and paved the way for others to deliver quality on-demand services using similar models. But you don’t have to be valued at over $50 billion to take advantage of it. In fact, it can be a huge advantage for manufacturers and third party logistics companies (3PL’s) as they continuously need workers to fulfill immediate needs and tasks. We put together our top four reasons why third party logistics companies operate in the gig economy, take a look below! 


1. High Costs Associated with Full-time Employees

Many third party logistics companies have experienced the high costs of employing workers, whether it’s health care, vacation or other administrative costs. On average, companies shell out $5,655 a year  to cover a single employee’s health insurance. Not to mention the recruiting costs associated with full-time employment, depending on the number of listings, a job advertisement can range anywhere from $250 to $3,500, which is why 3PL’s make perfect candidates for leveraging the gig economy. Instead of paying high costs for full-time employees, 3PL’s can utilize on-demand staffing platforms to effectively and efficiently fill workplace

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