What the pandemic has confirmed about freelancing

When the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic in March, business people across various industries and full-time employees were a worried lot. Indeed, we saw furloughs, job losses, and income drops among many people. Even the almighty Bitcoin tanked!

As expected, many people thought the freelance industry will also follow the downward spiral.

And while some freelance industries have suffered tremendously, we have also witnessed the opposite in some industries, like health, SaaS, and marketing. They have experienced an upswing, while other freelancers have pivoted to keep their income steady with coronavirus-related pitches.

This got me thinking: The coronavirus has exposed these five things about freelancing and freelancers.

Many freelancers rely on freelance work for all of their income.

A careful look at some tweets from journalists, editors, and other freelancers from various publications confirms this. The coronavirus has exposed the long-existing patterns of freelancers lacking a second source of income.

The truth, is the virus has shown us we cannot rely on one source of income whether or not you are a freelancer! Diversify your work by selling products on eBay, farming, teaching, or writing a book.

It’s OK to be a jack of all trades.

Tourism, hospitality, and the transport industry were the hardest hit

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