What the cloud means for freelance workers

Cloud-based technology has been a significant game-changer responsible for propelling the growth of the freelance industry. Today, cloud-based technology is redefining the definition of work. Traditional workers are being replaced by freelancers who live and work from various parts of the world—thanks to cloud technology.

As ever more sophisticated cloud-based technologies evolve and as more companies embrace digital transformation, there is no sign that the rise of freelancers is going to slow down any time soon.

Cloud computing empowers freelancers with the tools to operate remotely and network with customers, associates, and other freelancers from various parts of the world. Here’s how cloud technology is supporting freelancers all over the world.


Once upon a time, taking on a client in a different time zone—let alone halfway around the world—would have cost you more in long distance fees than your final invoice would bring in. Today, freelancers can communicate freely with their associates and customers at no personal cost. Numerous apps have been designed to facilitate effective communication between working teams in various physical locations, such as Uberconference and Skype, which allow freelancers and their customers to communicate via chat, video, and audio channels via the web.

What’s more, most cloud-based websites or apps today

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