What should I ask job applicants? The Top 5 Screening Questions by Job Type

Social distancing during the pandemic has pushed a lot of companies to hire and recruit through digital means. Whether you are conducting a phone interview or are providing job screening questions for an applicant to answer online, you need to make sure you are asking valuable and useful questions to help separate quality applicants from the rest.

We’ve put together our top 5 screening questions by job type. These job types and industries are some of the most common in our gig economy space. The questions we’ve included her are often used by business partners in their custom Jobbler questionnaires in each job post. Feel free to copy and paste your favorites and use them in your next recruiting push.

Why do these screening questions matter?

Many job seekers will get to tell you about themselves in either a verbal introduction or in a basic profile area of an online job application. When you move past the introductions, how can you make sure you’re asking screening questions that provide insight into the candidate as well as their ability to fill your open position?

You’ll gather a lot of information from resumes and profiles, but screening questions can give you

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