What do your clients need from you right now?

It’s August, and boy, what a different summer this one’s shaping up to be.

As we peek our heads out of our bunkers and businesses tentatively open their physical doors, we find ourselves, once again, in new and uncharted territory. Not quite open but not fully closed either.

As consumers, we might be questioning the wisdom of choosing to eat in a restaurant, get a haircut, visit the dentist, or (gasp) get on a plane. And as entrepreneurs ourselves, we feel the pain of all the businesses struggling to figure it out and stay afloat. The barriers they need to overcome with their audience and customers are completely new. The logistical, human, and societal challenges just keep on coming. And everyone is trying to figure out where they fit and how they add value in this new landscape.

Your clients need support in a big way, and you might be exactly the person they need to help them figure out what’s next.

If you’ve been stuck in a holding pattern of waiting for work to “pick back up,” this might be the perfect time to rethink what you do, the value you offer, the results you get, and how you get them.

Imagine showing up

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