What Are The Best Ways To Protect Your goLance Account During The Pandemic?

Here’s the bitter truth about the pandemic. Not only our (real) world, but our cyberspace is affected by COVID-19, as well. The hackers have never been more active as they are right now. So, what can you do about it?

Our Support Team has prepared some useful security tips that can help you keep your goLance account secure and safe.

How To Detect A Fraud Scheme?

The best way of avoiding the most common fraud schemes is to learn how to detect them quickly and efficiently. Here’s some basic rules many users take for granted. You would be surprised how many fraud schemes can be easily avoided by following these three basic security rules:

1) Don’t Take Your Communication Outside The goLance Secure Chat

The goLance Chat makes it possible to send messages and make calls. There’s no need for you to communicate outside your goLance Chat. The first and most common attempt to fraud you begins with an invitation to take communication outside goLance. As long as you keep your communication within goLance Chat, you will be protected from the vast majority of scam attempts, plain and simple.

2) Don’t Send or Receive Money Outside goLance

Our payment protection

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