Webinar Recap: Getting Started With GIFs as a Marketing Channel

Read and watch the webinar recap where Steve Rado, CEO and Founder of Giflytics explains how to get started with GIFs as a marketing channel.

Why GIFs?

GIF search engine platforms like Giphy, Tenor ,and Gfycat offer ways for brands to create and optimize content on their respective search engines. Much like your traditional search engines, whoever can create the best content that gives the end user the result (or GIF) they were searching for can grab a hefty chunk of the 10 billion daily GIFs served across the web.

Yes, that is 10 billion GIFs -every-single-day served across messaging apps and social media. 

By using GIFs, brands can earn more engaging, high-quality impressions than they could with billboards, TV commercials, or interruptive digital ads. This is because GIFs are actively searched for and shared by consumers, instead of passively forced upon them like other marketing mediums. If you’re a consumer brand or media company, you definitely should be getting serious about GIFs in 2020.

A major driver behind the growth of GIFs as a marketing channel is the dominance of Messaging and Stories as the primary way we share on social. Since 2018 Facebook has made

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