Visual marketing for every freelancer

What comes to mind first: the last article you read or the most recent video you watched?

It’s probably the latter.

That’s the power of visuals — they capture the audience’s attention, create lasting impressions, and have greater recall power.

As a freelancer looking to attract clients, you have to create the right kind of content to engage with your target audience and improve brand visibility.

While you might rely on text-heavy marketing materials, it’s not enough. People gravitate toward visuals, making it important to use visual storytelling in your marketing strategy in order to stand out and get noticed.

Let’s take a look at some visual content marketing tactics to attract freelance clients and grow your business.

Establish a strong visual brand

Whether it’s Coca-Cola’s red-and-white logo or the golden yellow arches that are synonymous with McDonald’s, every leading brand is characterized by a strong visual identity. That’s what makes them memorable.

The same applies to your freelance business.

It’s important to define a strong visual brand identity that sets you apart from your competition and reflects your personality.

The four key elements of a visual identity are:

Brand logoColor schemeFontsImagery

Establishing a strong visual brand starts with knowing your business’ purpose and what it stands

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