Upwork Enhances Features for Enterprise Clients

Upwork, the world’s leader in remote work for 20 years, today announced enhanced capabilities for enterprise businesses in their on-demand remote talent platform.

The upgraded platform makes it easier for companies to centrally manage a flexible, cost-efficient remote workforce strategy, while gaining access to proven, in-demand talent with more than 8,000 skills across the fields of technology, design and creative, marketing, operations and more.

Rapid adoption of a remote talent solution can present challenges, especially for companies who are new to the process. With Upwork Enterprise, companies need not worry about the nuanced technical, logistical, and operational concerns of building distributed teams and can expect a seamless, customized experience every time. Upwork Enterprise’s comprehensive platform also enables direct sourcing to millions of professional, remote knowledge workers and agencies so companies can easily scale their talent force to meet changing business demands.

As businesses adapt to becoming fully remote, Upwork Enterprise further demonstrates the brand’s commitment to pair innovative and technology-forward solutions to help clients build and manage a dynamic workforce. The platform’s enhancements include Upwork’s Enterprise “Bring Your Own Talent” offering, which enables companies to onboard existing non-Upwork contingent workers for centralized remote workforce management, including payroll, collaboration, cost management, and customized reporting. In addition, Upwork Enterprise has added Work Protection so that clients can count on great work, and if they are not satisfied Upwork will help make it right.

“As leaders in the remote workspace, we understand the urgent need that many companies now have to find a comprehensive workforce solution to help manage their talent needs,” said Hayden Brown, President and CEO of Upwork. “The ability to source and scale a skilled workforce that is already accustomed to and adept at remote work is essential for businesses to dynamically operate, especially during these disruptive times. This is particularly true as companies have seen that working remotely can be just as successful as traditional on premises talent models. With Upwork Enterprise, businesses can manage a remote workforce easily, hire top talent quickly, pay them efficiently, and spend wisely.”

Upwork CEO

With these enhancements, Upwork Enterprise delivers a trusted, single place that brings together talent, resources, and tools to deliver a superior remote talent infrastructure. Product benefits include:

  • Centralized remote talent management that provides the ability to manage not only Upwork’s proven, in-demand talent, but a company’s existing contingent workforce through our enhanced “Bring Your Own Talent” capability. In addition to creating a centralized view for managing costs, it also provides customized, real-time reporting and built-in collaboration tools that can be leveraged by both internal and remote team members.
  • Work protection to help ensure clients are satisfied with the quality of work provided.
  • Access to proven, remote practiced, in-demand talent via an advanced matching technology that quickly identifies top matches from a global database, private talent clouds that allows clients to quickly rehire professionals they trust.
  • Personalized sourcing experts to provide extra assistance as needed who can find the right talent in as little as three days.
  • Worker classification support that ensures each company’s talent engagements are legally compliant.
  • Dedicated support from an account manager, program manager, and Talent Solutions teams, who will help businesses build, design, and create a custom solution that makes flexible hiring and collaboration a scalable, efficient path to sustainable growth.
  • Payroll support to handle the administration of contract labor domestically and in over 160 countries, including the ability to automate payroll by consolidating multiple contract invoices into unified monthly billing.
  • Streamlined, efficient on-platform onboarding and contracting processes that quickly enable professionals to start work without administrative delays.

To learn more about Upwork Enterprise’s on-demand remote talent platform, please visit http://www.upwork.com/enterprise.