Upshifter of the Week: Erin K.

Upshifter of the Week: Erin K.

We are proud to announce Erin K, from Cleveland, OH,  as our Upshifter of the Week! Since working with Upshift, Erin has worked over 400 hours at multiple locations and has a 5-star rating!


Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a mom of 3 and have a full-time job working at a hospital. I got married last year so I started Upshift to get some extra money for my honeymoon but now I do it to keep up with all the sports my kids’ play. I don’t have a lot of free time because I am always working or watching my kids play sports.

How has it been working on Upshift?

I love Upshift because I’m not committed to something, so if I can work I will and if I can’t work then I just don’t sign up and I’m not penalized for that. I also love the variety of shifts and being able to meet new people! I enjoy working at the Jack Thistledown Racino at their Millcreek Grille because they treat us really well.

What do

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