Untapped with TapOnIt

Build Your 1st Party Database and Increase Your ROI Using Text Messaging

Email open rates are continuously on the decline, social media is over saturated, and radio and TV have unmeasurable metrics. Companies need a better way in which to re-engage with their customers and prospects without the clutter.

Katie, from TapOnIt Technology, discusses how agencies and brands engage with customers to create private customer bases with owned, first party data. Customers choose to opt into marketing messages that will not be lost in their inbox in a private channel right to their phone. Text message marketing has been a historically under-utilized, high performing channel. Watch the webinar to learn why customers choose to opt into text marketing, how agencies can introduce a new channel to their client’s customer base, and why text message marketing has increased ROI.

Get a free go-to-market strategy for your first campaign with TapOnIt.

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