Ultimate List of Gigwork Platforms

Looking for your next gig? The sites below offer a variety of opportunities for today’s gig worker.

Guru is a global freelance marketplace to post and find gigs built in a flexible and secure environment designed to promote transparency and trust through focus on skills and value.  In addition to being able to post and search gigs, the platform hosts WorkRooms to manage and track projects, as well as a secure payment system.
GoLance is a global freelance marketplace to post and find gigs.  It offers a goMeter time tracker to help improve productivity, an Enhanced Work Diary to optimize communications, Clear Reporting to track projects and billing, and an option for obtaining pay in advance (for a small fee).   https://golance.com/
Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you create your own gig to price and sell.  It is free to join and you keep 80% and are paid automatically on completion. The most popular searches are for digital marketing like articles, logos, voice overs and design.  They also offer training on how to become a successful seller.
Upwork is a global freelance marketplace (mobile and desktop) to find more clients for your business.  You can search for projects to work on, communicate and share files within the platform. You get paid directly through the site, but Upwork charges fees between 5-20% of your earnings depending on billing amounts.  
Freelancer: Once you complete a skills profile on Freelancer (mobile and desktop), you can search for and bid on jobs, set up job alerts, collaborate and get paid within a secure platform.  
ProFinder is a feature within LinkedIn which requires LinkedIn approval.  Once approved, you are able to receive project requests and submit proposals as a professional service provider.   https://www.linkedin.com/profinder
CloudPeeps is a global freelance marketplace for Marketing, PR, and SEO.  The platform is free for clients and offers pricing plans for freelancers in monthly and transaction fees.   https://www.cloudpeeps.com/
HRLancers is a marketplace for the HR industry with no cost for freelancers to search and apply for project work.
Communo (formerly LocalSolo) freelancer platform allows you to collaborate with other industry experts to work with big brands.  There is a limited free account option. You can get enhanced profile, community and work options for $10.99 or $49/mo. https://communo.com/freelancer.php
GigNow is a global freelance marketplace created by E&Y mostly comprised of finance and accounting opportunities.  The platform uses Recruiters to view and match your profile to open gigs. https://www.gignow.com/
MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace for businesses to outsource processes and jobs to a virtual distributed workforce.  Anyone can complete tasks on MTurk by searching for HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) on the site, accepting, completing, and collecting once approved by the Requester. 
Wonolo stands for Work Now Locally and is available in several major US cities.  Download the app, be part of a community and try different entry level jobs.
Snagajob Shifts operates in a handful of major US cities, connecting users with available shifts at local businesses.   https://www.snagajob.com/shifts/workers/
GigWorker is a resource for freelancers providing valuable information and a wide range of gig economy opportunities, including rideshare, delivery, scooter charging, tasks, caretaking, property rental, and everything in between.  They also provide useful information on the business side of the gig-economy, including freelance tax issues, insurance, and more.
Boon is an app for temporary dental care staffing on demand.   https://www.doingboon.com/
JobStack by PeopleReady is an app based platform that delivers local job opportunities based on your skills and availability.  You need to apply to be a PeopleReady associate and complete an on-boarding process at your local branch.
Jobility is a US based app that uses a digital matchmaking engine to match freelancers to opportunities in Healthcare, Light Industrial, and Hospitality.
GigX connects organizations with C-Level Executives seeking fractional / independent work.  Executives pay $26-$32/mo depending on length of membership.
People per Hour is a general marketplace. PeoplePerHour connects your business to an international community of freelancers who want nothing more than to help your business succeed. Discover rated and reviewed experts for every skill imaginable.
Gigable is an app based freelance marketplace available in the Republic of Ireland, England & Wales that allows you to get hired and paid on the same day.  It is free to download and will charge a % fee of project value to cover the costs of processing payments securely. https://gigable.com/freelancer/
Upshift is an app based freelance marketplace available for hotel, manufacturing, fulfillment and more.

FreeUp is a freelance marketplace for content creators, web developers, tech support, sales and marketing professionals, accounting, translation and administration work.


Dave helps with budgeting, finding work and accessing money to cover immediate expenses before getting paid. Instead of mandatory fees, Dave lets users pay what they think is fair through a ‘tip’ based model. To learn more, visit https://www.dave.com/. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

Londr.com – this company lets you do laundry (other peoples) from home and get paid for it. Londr is an Eagle Idaho company founded by Stephen Nielsen and Ben Johnson. https://londr.com/

Bark.com, is one of the world’s fastest growing online marketplace. Thousands of individuals and small businesses come to us every day looking for a range of services. Freelancers can join and get matched to projects.