UberWorks is Here: Adapt or Get Left Behind

It’s no surprise the gig economy has proven lucrative for companies like Uber as they continue to enter new verticals despite their humble beginnings as a ride-hailing service. UberWorks – a new segment of Uber Technologies Inc. launched in Chicago this week – offering contingent work opportunities “that fit your schedule while getting paid in a timely manner.” Sound familiar?

The good news – you have worked hard to build relationships with your workforce and your clients. The bottom line – doing the same thing that got you here will not keep working with this new competitor entering the market. In order to stay ahead of the curve and compete with the likes of UberWorks, staffing firms need to build their on-demand staffing marketplace solution now to leverage their competitive advantage.

Don’t Wait, Before It’s Too Late

Here’s the reality: more than one-third of the US workforce is part of the gig economy and it’s doubling every year. This will lead to an influx of workers that staffing firms could only dream of. Utilizing a marketplace platform that is tailored to your industry’s needs will ensure your success. UberWorks will be saturating cities across the nation and staffing firms without

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