Top Three High Demand Freelance Skills for 2020/2021: The In-Depth Analysis of Perspectives for Freelancers in India

India has the second largest population of freelance workers in the world. Depending upon which figures to refer, India is home to between 22 million to 25 million freelancers in almost every profession and vocation. And projections are, this number is expected to grow to about 30 million by the year 2025- or about five years from now.

And there’re very strong reasons for this growth too.

Reasons for Growth of Freelancing in India

You might wonder why the number of freelancers in India is growing. And rightly so. Because traditionally, most educated Indians look for stable jobs that provides a monthly income and other perks as well as opportunities to create a career.

Therefore, I’ll provide the main points why freelancing is gaining ground rather rapidly in India.

Freelancers in India earn a median income of Rs.2 million and above per year. This
works to whopping Rs.166,666 on average, per month. And this income is something that most regular jobs won’t fetch you. Flexible working hours are the greatest attraction among freelancers in India. That’s because Indian people have close family and social ties and spend a lot of quality time on these vital elements of life. Working

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