Top Ten Things Affecting Your Remote Team Culture In 2020

Every team has an ideology that produces the principles that are the core of the team’s culture. Culture is what a team is all about. It brings individuals together to work towards the same goal and has its own principles of work and expectations. If a team doesn’t have the rules to follow and expectations to fulfill, it won’t be successful. Remote teams need to have a strong culture. Unlike “regular” (office or on-site) teams, remote team workers don’t have someone near them that can always remind of their responsibilities and the company’s goals. As a result, all the goals, rules, and expectations need to be known beforehand.

Here’s an overview of the top ten things that will affect your remote team culture in 2020:

1) The right number and type of remote meetings

If you want to maximize the work you do during meeting time, it is best to have department meetings as well as meetings with every team member individually or in small specialized teams. The catch is not to have too many meetings. Too much meeting time can put additional stress on your team members, which can affect their performance in a bad way. On the other

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