Think of yourself as an online shop, selling your time and skills!

We’ve mentioned before that gig work is an attractive option for more and more people today – we know that the flexibility it offers helps people to shape their working life to suit their commitments, or for example to give them space to pursue other things they’re passionate about.

But gigging wouldn’t be an option taken up by increasing numbers of people if there weren’t also a growing demand for on-demand workers. Flexible working suits you, but don’t forget that your free time is valuable, and your flexibility and time can be a great asset to you to earn more money at times that suit you.

When you set up your profile, it provides a gateway to more gigs – a platform where you can showcase the skills you have put time and effort into developing, and can connect with businesses in a convenient and secure way.

Gigable offers access to a growing marketplace, and immediate connections to gigs across a range of sectors which are thriving in Ireland.

Think of building your profile as marketing yourself – what you’re advertising is your time, your skills and your qualifications… all of which are highly valued by employers looking to give

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