These freelancers will fade out in 2020

Believe me, no one can stop you from being a loser, but overcoming these will turn your career into a success

There is a strong buzz that the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged the field of freelancing. People are spending their significant time by learning digital skills. Screen time has been increased and more money is floating in the digital world.

Congratulations, you have received your first payment. This message is such a relief in these days but if you are missing of the followings, you may end with declining and eventually with no new orders.

Resilience and patience

It takes time for a seed to develop into a complete tree, and so is the case with your career. Unlike 9 to 5 jobs, the client is more interested in your skills than to the degree stuff. If you have a skill, polish it regularly.

Because at the end of the day the skillful one will be awarded a job. There may be some days that end with no orders or you may face an eccentric or annoying buyer and so on. The ups and downs are part and parcel of life. Never lose hope. Patience is the key.

Bidding in oversaturated

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