The Value of the Platform Economy is Endless – Here Are 4 Examples

The platform economy is here to stay. It’s the future – and that’s a great thing for many reasons. To name a few, it unlocks a world of opportunities to be shared on a global scale. It allows us to be connected and agile in simultaneous harmony. Communo’s CEO, Ryan Gill, was a guest on Calgary’s Collisions YYC Podcast. They used the episode for a deep dive into this topic. Below are four specific ways, as discussed in the podcast, that the platform economy creates value.

1. Enabling

Before the platform economy, the hiring process was completely inefficient. Finding the right expert for the job could take months. Thankfully, those days are over. Platforms enable you to find the right person in a matter of days or even hours. You are able to have an entire network of niche experts at the tip of your fingers. As a result, you’re able to connect instantly and get to work on what truly matters – getting the job done by the right person. The best part, it’s always there when you need it.

2. Matchmaking

Old hiring models are not only inefficient – they offer limited value in determining whether

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