The ultimate freelance business toolkit

There’s no doubt that freelancing brings a lot of freedom.

But with that freedom also comes a tough truth: Nobody tells you that you’ll be spending a lot of time running your own business. From pitching and prospecting a gazillion leads to invoicing, there are several overlapping tasks.

For this reason, it’s important to leverage nifty tools to streamline and optimize your freelancing business, especially now, when landing clients can be a difficult feat.

I’ve compiled the ultimate list of tools every freelancer can use to up their game to A-level and excel in their business. Read on to learn more about them.

All the Tools You Need to:

● Track Your Goals

○ Project Management Software

○ ProProfs

○ Podio


● Attract Customers With Less Effort

○ SalesHandy

○ MeetEdgar

○ Aweber

● Own Your Time

○ Time Doctor

○ FocusBooster

○ Feedly

○ Coffitivity

● Manage Your Money Like a Boss

○ Mint

○ Wave Accounting

○ FreeAgent

Plan, Execute, and Track Your Goals With Project Management Tools

If you’re not taking control of your projects and being organized, you’re not managing your time as efficiently as you could.

The simple nature of being a freelancer means you’re constantly juggling your projects in different stages of completion. And meeting deadlines is important. Use these tools to track the progress of

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