The top five highest-earning remote jobs

This article is reproduced with the permission of our partner, Trupo.

You can argue for a long time about the benefits and harms of technology, but one fact remains true: when used wisely, it’s made people more flexible, efficient and happy. Similarly, if your dream is to stop getting out of bed earlier than the sun, rushing to the office across the city, or wasting hours in traffic jams, then remote work could be the right next step for you.

If you’re not sure which job would be best for you, the following are the most top-ranked, in-demand and comfortable professions for full-time remote workers and freelancers. Most importantly, everyone can learn the necessary skills for each one. The market so wants to see these specialists that it’s possible to get a job even without solid experience (so long as you have enough knowledge). Here are the top five:

1. Writing/Editing/Content Strategy Jobs

There are several positions under this umbrella, since they all revolve around text and content.


If written communication is your strong point, welcome to the world of copywriting. This is a very sought-after specialty, since online communication between the brand and consumers is one of the basic links in a marketing strategy.

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