The Post-Covid Hourly Wage Inflation And How To Handle It

Upshift COO Discusses Hourly Wage Inflation Post-COVID

Upshift COO Alex Pantich recently wrote about the shift towards contingent labor for Forbes previewed below: 

There has been a lot of talk about inflation since the passage of the recent stimulus measures injected trillions of dollars into the economy. While wide-scale price inflation has not manifested in the broader economy yet, one area where it has appeared is in the hourly wage of front-line workers across the U.S. Workers are demanding higher wages and are able to do so due to the sharp increase in demand as the economy recovers, and with a record number of Americans sitting on the sidelines.

Enhanced unemployment was a boon and saving grace for many hourly American workers and families, and with its abatement, many have demanded wages closer to what they received while unemployed earlier in the year. These demands might not be

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