The Key to Finding The Right Technology Solution for Your Agency

Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed in your staffing software search? Are you interested in learning about your options but don’t even know where to start? “How do I know which staffing technology solution is right for my agency?” is a question we get asked a lot, so if you’re feeling this way you are not alone! In an industry with seemingly endless platforms and tools for a myriad of challenges you may (or may not) be facing, it can feel impossible to find the right one. It’s especially difficult right now when budgets are scrutinized line by line and agencies are being asked to do more with less. 

Where should you start your search? 

We love the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem graphic by Tech Talent Labs. It does a really nice job of grouping vendors by the type of tool they offer, their place in an agency’s workflow, and if the technology primarily serves candidates or employers. But there’s no denying the fact that the technology landscape for staffing agencies is vast, fragmented, and, at times, overwhelming. 

We frequently hear two pieces of feedback early-on from our clients and prospects. First, the number of technology solutions is simply daunting, so

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