The freelancer’s guide to starting a podcast

In a perfect world, freelancers would be able to attract leads and sell their products or services like flies swarming to a cake.

But in reality, it’s simply not that easy.

In order to claim your chunk of attention out there, you have to go out of your way, particularly with your branding.

Now, there are many ways to build a solid brand. But today, we’re looking closely at podcasting.

Podcasting can be a great option if you like to talk and stand out from the rest of the freelancers who simply make blogs. If you play your cards right, having your own podcast can help you generate tons of leads and be successful as a freelancer.

So, let’s get started.

How Can a Podcast Get Me More Clients?

Podcasting is super popular — at least 100 million Americans listen to a podcast every single month. And that number is only growing. If you don’t have a podcast, you’re missing out on a huge ocean of opportunity.

Podcasting can be used in so many ways to generate leads as a freelancer, including:

A sweet landing pagePromoting products and services on your podcastGenerating leads from lead magnetsBuilding up an email list

But leads won’t come overnight; podcasting takes

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