The First GoMeeting Event

All great things have modest and inspiring beginnings.

The first GoMeeting took place on Sunday, December 8th, 2019. And, the rest isn’t history, but rather goLance future.

GoLance World of Long-Term Remote Work Opportunities

The first GoMeeting wasn’t a marketing stunt, but a fair challenge. We have invited freelance newbies. If you want to test the true strength and efficiency of your freelance business, you don’t do it with the most experienced freelancers with thousands of working hours under their belt, but with beginners who’re still bidding to win their very first remote work.

A healthy and unbiased freelance website should ensure equal working opportunities to all freelancers regardless of their location, background or experience. GoLance welcomed all questions, expectations, doubts, and hopes of the first GoMeeting’s participants with open arms.

All of these young and enthusiastic people have one thing in common. They have already tried to find work on the most heavily advertised online marketplaces in the industry, and they were left disappointed. As a result of their bitter first freelance experience some of them questioned their decision to freelance in the first place.

It was equally surprising and encouraging for them to find out the

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