The Deep Dish: Food Trends in 2020

The past 6 months have been entirely unprecedented and have filled all of our lives with newfound hardships and challenges. However, good food remains a critical and enjoyable part of our lives, especially as restaurants stay open for delivery and social distancing efforts scale.

Today, we’re sharing DoorDash’s mid-year Deep Dish, which checks in on popular food trends, nationally and regionally, how users ate through social distancing, cravings across the US and Canada, the largest amount of money spent on a single order, and more. Using order data from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 and a national consumer survey that polled 2,000 Americans on their eating behavior, we bring to you the State of Flavor in America.

Our Customer’s Favorite Cuisine Was…

Mexican food! 40% of our consumers found that they missed Mexican food the most while staying at home. However, seafood was a close second at 34% and was more popular than Mexican food on the West Coast.

Top 10 Ordered Items of the Past 6 months

#Trending: what we are expecting to continue to see more of in the second half of 2020.

Oatmeal — 1,768% increaseQueso Blanco — 1,735% increaseIced Caramel Coffee — 1,660% increaseGrilled Chicken Taco — 1,502% increaseCreate Your Own Pizza — 1,501% increaseCinnamon Rolls — 1,400% increaseCheese Nachos — 1,130% increaseSkillet Chocolate Chip Cookie — 1,193% increaseSpinach and Artichoke Dip — 1,092% increaseIced French Vanilla Coffee — 1,028% increaseShrimp Tacos — 997% increaseNew York Style Cheesecake — 843% increaseStrawberry Banana

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