Thank You, Healthcare Heroes

By Sueli Shaw, Head of Social Impact & Broderick McClinton, Head of DoorDash for Business

We want to thank the healthcare heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic who are committing their selfless care to others each and every day. To help ensure healthcare workers can get the food they need to fuel their long hours, we’re actively partnering with hospitals in the U.S. and Canada to provide employees with free DashPass, our membership program offering unlimited free delivery fees and reduced service fees on orders from thousands of local restaurants.

We’re working with hospitals and medical centers to enroll their staff in our Corporate DashPass offering, free of charge. Every doctor, nurse, and hospital employee will receive DashPass subscription-only benefits for at least 60 days*. With each enrolled hospital, we’ll work hand in hand to designate safe and secure drop-off locations for contactless deliveries between Dashers and medical workers. Hospitals who would like to participate in our DashPass for Healthcare Workers program can start by completing this form.

Today, we announced our first DashPass for Healthcare Workers partnerships. We’ve teamed up with Mount Sinai Health System, New York City’s largest academic medical system, to donate free DashPass subscriptions to its 42,000 healthcare

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