Takeya USA Case Study

Takeya USA Case Study

How Takeya USA built its workforce by partnering with Upshift

Takeya USA Case Study

How Takeya USA built its workorce by partnering with Upshift

About the Company

Takeya USA is a hydration solutions company with some of the most innovative products in their market. They have a large, diverse customer base across the United States and partner with retailers for in-store sales as well as fulfilling direct e-commerce orders from customers.

The Challenge

Though Takeya USA is headquartered in California, their distribution and fulfillment operations center around Columbus, Ohio where they operate a large distribution center in Whitehall near downtown Columbus. As their business scaled, Takeya realized even though they had the space for more orders, they could not find the staff. Prior to Upshift’s arrival, they were using four different agencies and still falling short by 50% on staffing daily. In addition to this, they saw extremely high attrition and rarely had the same person return

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