Staying Productive when Working from Home.

Procrastination, you are probably doing it right now. Reading relevant COVID and remote work articles to stay informed and better yourself at work… instead of getting that looming project done. So how do you stay productive and efficient in an environment that is normally your place to relax?

The first step is to set up your office space. A rundown of how to create your optimal office space at home can be found in our Working with Remote Team’s blog post: Creating an Ideal Home Office. The second step is to set a schedule.

Down the Rabbit Hole

It is much easier to fall down the rabbit hole of wasting time when working remotely. Your boss is halfway across the city, who will know you spent 20 minutes watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube? No one but you. However, your boss will be able to recognize when your work begins to lag behind your normal output. Managing your work and home life while working remotely requires a different type of schedule than working in an office.

Steps to managing remote work productivity: Setting a Schedule
You might think that setting a schedule is simple and requires little time; you just

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