Solved: how to craft the perfect writer’s resume

Let’s be honest: Not every client will request a CV from you.

Your profile on a freelance platform or your website is your resume, so it’ll be just enough for many people.

But not for everyone.

Many clients prefer a more traditional look at the experience of freelancers they hire. You might also need a resume to provide when applying for certification or attending a professional event.

So, you need to have a resume ready to save yourself some time and stress of putting one together in a hurry.

In this post, I’ll share five tips to create a brilliant freelance writer resume, regardless of how many years you’ve been in the business.

1. Go For Skills-Based Format

A traditional resume uses a work history to present your skills and qualifications. It’s a decent format, but it doesn’t always work well for freelancers. If you follow it, you might end up with a long list of similar projects that often describe the same responsibilities.

Go for a skills-based format instead, because it:

● Replaces workplaces with skills to focus the attention of the potential employer on your talents

● Removes unnecessary info like how much time you worked for a particular employer

● Includes projects to demonstrate your expertise.

For example, if

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