Seasoned Launches Campaign To Raise $1 Million For Restaurant Workers Affected By COVID-19

Seasoned, an app that provides job opportunities and a community for members of the service industry, has launched a campaign, The Seasoned Relief Project. The Seasoned Relief Project is providing the restaurant community with monetary donations, new job opportunities and a platform to connect and share their story during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seasoned has provided their community a place to circulate applicable information, ask questions and find resources during these uncertain times. As the situation escalated globally, the company sought to do more and asked members in Austin to share how COVID-19 has impacted them in exchange for a $100 “tip out.” The overwhelming response—from feeding families to paying for childcare to keeping their lights on—inspired Seasoned to expand their efforts on a larger scale.

“The mission of Seasoned is to improve the lives of hourly professionals. Today, this is more relevant than ever, as over 15 million American restaurant workers had their lives drastically changed by COVID-19,” said Ware Sykes, CEO of Seasoned. “We decided to shift the focus of our community app to become a one-stop shop for the restaurant community to help them navigate this crisis. It’s a place where professionals in the restaurant industry can feel less alone and seek financial support, whether through our $100 ‘tip out’ or new job opportunities.”

Seasoned is raising $1,000,000 to provide relief to 10,000 members of the restaurant community. They are collecting donations on the campaign’s website,, while continuing their mission of spreading awareness around how this pandemic has impacted the industry. 

Seasoned is asking individuals, companies and other relief funds who are able to donate or partner, to assist Seasoned in any way they are able to.

For affected restaurant workers, visit to connect with the community and earn cash. For companies hiring, restaurant jobs or not, Seasoned has a national member base looking for work.