Say these magic words to get the money you deserve

Freelancers face many challenges. A big one is self-limiting beliefs. They erect psychological barriers to their own success and tell themselves they aren’t ready, they aren’t worthy, or they lack credentials. They tell themselves “No” before anyone else gets a chance to.

You’ll know you or a peer have fallen prey to these beliefs if you hear phrases like “that’s impossible” or “I have to,” Andrew D. Wittman, a mental toughness coach, explained to Fast Company. People seek facts that conform to a reductive view of their own abilities—this, not any genuine lack of skill, is what holds them back.

The fix is simple, and yet seems impossible when you’re in this state: Just do it. Ask for more than you think you’re worth, no matter how odd it feels. Often, bullheadedness in business works.

Ask for the Business

As a person who employs other writers, I frequently see underqualified writers apply while overqualified ones wring their hands and wonder if they’re worthy. It’s the people who are so early on their journey they don’t even know how little they know who barge through the door and ask for the business. It’s the experienced writers who are so burdened by doubts they can see

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