Remote networking that really works

Since in-person networking is not really an option for most of us these days, these are some of my favorite ways to cultivate and grow my network while working remotely.

1. Activate Your Alumni Networks

Whether you use LinkedIn or Facebook, you can reach out and connect with alumni from your alma mater in any geographic location, across industries and generations. Having a shared history and intimate knowledge of your school’s traditions, athletic teams, etc. can serve as a great stepping-stone for building relationships, both professional and personal. Look for local alumni groups that can provide additional opportunities for making valuable and maybe soon-to-be-in-person connections.

2. Maximize Tools Like Slack

These days, almost half of today’s remote workers use Slack, which provides a valuable tool for connecting with coworkers, sharing ideas, and even identifying potential new colleagues and friends. Slack communities provide limitless opportunities for connecting with people with similar interests. There are Slack communities for remote workers of all professions, hobbies, and interests.

3. Get on Reddit

With 330 million monthly active users and well over 138,000 active communities, Reddit has a group or thread for practically everyone. Explore your interests, ask for advice, and maybe even find work via this digital collaboration platform. Remote

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