Qwick Expands Services to Grocers, Hospitals, and Delivery-Only Restaurants

Qwick, the leading on-demand staffing platform for the food and beverage industry, today announced that they will be actively expanding services to hospitals, grocers, and delivery-only restaurants. This expansion will help create new opportunities for Professionals and enables businesses in these essential industries to meet high customer demand during COVID-19. 

“Now, more than ever, we are seeing businesses outside of the traditional hospitality industry in need of on-demand support,” says Jamie Baxter, CEO of Qwick. “Qwick Professionals are playing an important role right now, offering support to essential businesses that are understaffed and overwhelmed.”

Qwick CEO


With grocers across the country seeing unprecedented demand, Qwick has stepped up as a resource to help alleviate understaffing and overtime for those in the grocery industry. Qwick is currently helping over 26 grocery locations across the country with over 30,000 hours already worked helping stock shelves and sanitizing store surfaces. 


To supplement the need for hospital cafeteria workers on short notice, Qwick is working with local governments to fill positions such as Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Dishwashers, and General Labor. 

“Our hospitals are seeing a huge increase in staffing needs with the increase in patient volume due to COVID-19. By partnering with Qwick, we are able to connect recently displaced workers with open opportunities in health care and get individuals to work in rapid order,” says Todd Sanders, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation. 

Delivery-only Restaurants

Qwick is supporting restaurants pivoting their business model to meal prep and take-out by offering back of house help. These positions include Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Dishwashers, General Labor (for packaging), and Cleaning Staff.  To help restaurants and caterers that are exploring this for the first time, Qwick has partnered with GoPrep, an online ordering and operations management tool for meal prep and catering, to share additional insight and details about the transition. If an establishment needs additional staff to operate efficiently, they’re able to hire help via Qwick.

“By joining forces with Qwick, we’ll be able to equip even more businesses with knowledge and resources to see their company through these unprecedented times,” says GoPrep co-founder Danny Ali. “Our goal right now is simply to help businesses survive this, so they can be even stronger on the other side.”

Professionals responding to shifts across all industries are asked to complete the Qwick COVID-19 Certification Program, ensuring they are aware of best practices on how to prevent acquiring and/or transmitting COVID-19 and keep the general public safe. 

Qwick serves as a tool for connecting businesses across the nation to thousands of food and beverage Professionals. The platform provides hospitality businesses with a 98 percent average fill-rate and immediate access to a pre-vetted and certified gig economy workforce. Qwick currently operates in 7 total markets around the nation:  Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, New York Tri-State area, Miami, and Atlanta. 

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About Qwick:

Qwick launched in February 2018 and has already become a rising leader in the gig-economy space, earning multiple recognitions nationally, including being named as a “Great Place to Work” in the U.S. Qwick is currently operating in 7 markets: Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Founded by human resource technology and hospitality industry veterans Jamie Baxter, Blaine Light, and Chris Loeffler,