Professional liability protection for freelance writers is here

For 25 years, Freelancers Union has been dedicated to finding innovative solutions to build a new safety net for freelancers. A critical part of that safety net is insurance, because we know that more than anyone else, your budget doesn’t have room for surprise expenses or work interruptions that are out of your control.

One piece we have been in search of for years is liability insurance that really works for freelance writers. That’s why today we are launching a new partnership with Dinghy USA Inc. and NSM Insurance Services, LLC (collectively “Dinghy”)*. Dinghy UK Ltd has been insuring freelancers in the U.K. for a number of years, and is now bringing its innovative service to the U.S.

We know that in this media landscape, more and more risk has been shifted onto the shoulders of freelance writers. You’re responsible for everything from reporting expenses to copy editing, while delivering a brilliant piece of work that you feel good about.

That’s hard enough without having to worry about the threat of a lawsuit. That’s where professional liability insurance comes in. Dinghy offers professional liability insurance protection to writers across 30 different professions — from ghostwriters to translators, journalists, and more — including coverage

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