Postmates Unveils Measures For Couriers And Merchants In Response To COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be a serious public health challenge affecting communities across the United States, Postmates announced today its industry-leading plan for providing couriers and merchants with additional resources for managing the potential consequences of the outbreak.

For its fleet of flexible workers and couriers, Postmates has created an emergency fleet relief fund from which it will cover the costs of workers’ doctors appointments and medical expenses. This fund will allow couriers in impacted states to take proactive and preventative steps, and will cover medical check-ups regardless of whether the courier has been quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19. In addition, Postmates has also unveiled a pilot program for small businesses to more easily use our platform at a time when brick-and-mortar business owners are seeing a decline in sales and customer foot traffic. The program will temporarily waive commission fees for businesses operating in San Francisco so they can join the platform free of charge and support the increasing demand for deliveries. As we monitor the efficacy of these pilots we will evolve their scope & geographic applicability.

Both of these initiatives are part of our ongoing efforts to provide meaningful support for the people who power our

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