Morphio and Communo Partner to Offer Agencies and Freelancers Throughout North America a New Way to Work

Calgary, Alberta, May 7, 2020– Today, Communo announced its partnership with AI-powered Morphio to help Communo members work and scale in new ways. Morphio integrates with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn advertising and analytics products and helps marketers, brands, agencies, consultants, and freelancers assign and automatically track financial results in addition to measuring, monitoring, and optimizing tactical key performance indicators (KPIs).

Marketers are often challenged with a mountain of work and not enough time or resources to achieve their desired results. With Morphio, Communo members can monitor their KPIs, analyze their audience and data, and receive notifications when there is an anomaly in their data or even when a landing page crashes. Morphio gives digital marketers the ability to increase their profitability and efficiency while decreasing acquisition costs, all while giving their clients valuable insights they need to reach their goals.

The amount of time marketers spend on analyzing their performance, especially on social media, is a thing of the past,” said Patrick Orr, V.P. of Marketing for Communo. “By using a tool that has artificial intelligence analyze performance for you, creatives can get back to focusing on improving their content rather than trying to track

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