Monetize your Time while staying safe at home

Coronavirus has awaken the sleeping mindset to institutions and education. So right now is the perfect time to revisit everything what we have done in the past and make necessary improvements.

The education systems throughout the world have been questioned and the recent pandemic is making everyone think about the world, themselves or each other. Schools are closed and “business of schooling” dived deeply in terms of cash inflows.
Even developed countries have no proper framework for a home-office mode, so one could imagine the pitiable situation for the underdeveloped countries.
Nevertheless, what to do if governments have no solution?! Can you wait until things get back? Will you rather feel useless until the pandemic vanishes or take the opportunity and improve your skills?

Today I would like to tell you possible ways how you can monetize your present situation, without going anywhere outside.

Learn a skill

Gone are the days when you could rely on a degree throughout your career. The pandemic has literally shaken up with economy all over the world. The upcoming currency is going to be your skill. If you have any, multiply it and polish it. If you don’t, then learn by using digital space.

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