Member Webinar Recap: How To Find & Narrow Your Niche

We hear the word niche all too often. What does it mean? And how do you find it? Can you be a specialist while still understanding generalism? 

Global freelance designer and illustrator, Maitreyee Kalaskar, joined Communo to discuss how you can hone in on your area of expertise to carve a specific and palatable chunk of your industry.

Read the highlights below and watch the recording to get the full insights.

Niche = Specialty

Your specialty can be anything you want. A few examples are; logo design, website design, or interior design. It’s something specific that you want to focus on. When it comes to niche, there are some questions that many of us are unsure about. 

Is Having a Niche Necessary?

Ah, the classic specialist vs generalist debate. People may ask… “if you’re good at photography, logo design and building websites – why not do them all?” Technically, you are allowed to be everything if you want! However, there are pros and cons to choosing this path; some of which are outlined below:

The reality today is that brands will hire people that are experts in a specific area. This is because they want to save time

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