Meet John Krasinski’s Secret Weapon that helped make ‘Some Good News’ a Hit

The most surprising creation of the pandemic started with a tweet.
At that moment it wasn’t clear that just days later, on March 30, actor John Krasinski would post the first episode of Some Good News to YouTube. Before we were all inundated with Instagram Lives and Zoom shows, Krasinski produced a charming broadcast with his wife, Emily Blunt, running the lighting and his logo created by his daughter.

Beyond Krasinski’s charisma, surprising interview chops, and ability to corral his celebrity friends, there was a certain romance to the idea that a Hollywood star had cobbled together this production from his home office. Not surprisingly then, that potent mix made the show an instant hit. Its premiere episode has racked up 17 million views. Episodes featuring the casts of The Office and Hamilton have 12 million. The Virtual Prom episode has 6.3 million. Last week, ViacomCBS acquired Some Good News, after a reputed bidding war, to run on its CBS All Access streaming service.

It was big news, considering the show is only eight weeks old and shot at The Office star’s house.

But what’s been missing from the story is that the success of Some Good News has been a family affair, a distributed one that extends well beyond Krasinski’s wife

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