Marketing yourself mindfully during a recession

As a business coach for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers, two of the biggest challenges creatives tell me they struggle with are marketing and sales.

So, when the coronavirus hit us like a bolt from the blue this March, and as unrest across the country continues to magnify the deep wounds of oppression and injustice, I knew independent creative professionals might benefit from some extra support through this uncharted territory.

During the webinars and Q&As I have hosted recently (including one for the lovely Freelancers Union community!), one of the most common expressions of this fear was:

“I don’t want to be seen to be opportunistic when so many people are suffering.”

And I completely relate. With the fear of coming across as insensitive or tone-deaf, one could be forgiven for freezing and not putting yourself or your business out there.

But, as creative entrepreneurs and freelancers who support our clients in all kinds of amazing ways, we need to talk about sales. Because without sales, you have no business. Yes, sales and marketing will (and should) look different right now, but this is not a time to go dark. This is an opportunity to be the most tenacious and creative version of yourself, to be

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