Managing Communication with a Newly Remote Team.

With the majority of the world under quarantine working remotely is the only option for many. However, even when social distancing isn’t enforced, remote teams will continue to grow. How can agencies handle communication challenges and engage with their remote workforce?

It’s a safe bet to make –remote teams are the future of work. The International Data Council has suggested that in highly developed countries, mobile workers could soon reach 75% (International Data Council). With this shift to remote/mobile workers, it’s important to recognize there are unique communication challenges at play — communicating across multiple time zones, languages, cultures; all while trying to build an engaged team. Setting up a strong foundation for team communication will help alleviate some of these difficulties and ensure your employees are productive and connected.

Designate the Right Tools and Rules for Communication

Invest in the right tools for your team, and then establish protocols and guidelines, as a team, around communication. Set rules for when it’s appropriate to use chats, email or when to actually pick up the phone for a conversation. Email can be great for sending information, particularly if there are a lot of details to convey. However, if the subject is

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