Make your YouTube channel pay off

Do you want to be on top of YouTube, but can’t even get 100 views? Have you already done 10 videos, but the result is zero? Take it easy and remember one simple rule: There are no quick results on YouTube.

The specificity of YouTube requires a lot of dedicated work in advance. With or without investment, your channel will be developing for at least six months, and on average closer to a year. You need to add not 10 but 100 videos to see the dynamics of the views. Work on each video for at least 3-4 hours—or, even better, all day. Previews, optimization, analytics, negotiations, scripting: all of these affect whether you go up to the top of the YouTube charts or not. Let’s figure out why you need it and how to do it.

Why bother?

As soon as a video hits the top YouTube results, you begin to receive organic video views. The longer it stays there, the more money you can save on having to promote your video.

For entrepreneurs, YouTube is an additional sales channel, the ability to build visual and confidential communication with the client. If you don’t aim to monetize your videos, do everything possible to

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