Maintaining Virtual Workplace Culture

Has COVID affected your work routine? Certainly…lives have been impacted, priorities have changed, life is definitely different now, but that doesn’t mean your work life/routine needs to come to a full halt. Your colleagues, work environment, and company traditions are an essential part of your work experience. How can you, as an employee, help maintain your company work culture at home?

Despite not being in the office environment and face-to-face with your co-workers, there are so many ways to connect virtually. 

Maintaining your work culture from home 1. Keep the conversations flowing

Non-work related banter can be the thing that keeps you sane under a mountain of work. Working from home can cause you to feel disconnected and depressed; especially for extroverted people that rely on social interaction to succeed. 

Although you cannot turn to your co-worker and share a joke in person, it does not mean there are no alternative methods of communication for that joke. Send a message, pick up the phone, or video chat to keep in touch with your colleagues. Slack, Zoom, and Skype are great ways of staying connected. 

2. Motivating yourself

It is a huge adjustment to go from working in an office fulltime

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