Level Up: Sharpen Your Skills to Land Your Next Gig

Whether you lost your job or suffered a severe cut in hours, you might be worried about finding stable employment opportunities in the second half of 2020. As the country reopens, there will be a surge in both available jobs and job seekers. How can you ensure your name stands out? Hiring managers are going to start looking at hard and soft skills to help choose the right candidates from a large pool of applicants. Consider how you can sharpen your skills to make yourself the best candidate for the job.

How to Identify Your Hard and Soft Skills

When working on your resume or writing about your work experience, don’t forget to highlight your various skill sets. A hiring manager will look for certain hard and soft skills that would give you a competitive edge. 
Hard skills are considered to be specific types of knowledge or training. Soft skills are usually more personality based. Your goal should be to highlight a combination of hard and soft skills when you apply to a job.
There is a shift in thinking that you should adopt to be successful in your work moving forward. Blair Sheppard wrote this for

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